What is your story? Are you telling the right one? Are you sharing it with the right people?

At Ltd., your narrative comes first.

Our platform serves as a testament to the caliber of leadership being cultivated in our society – to foster our entrepreneurial engine, to recognize the figures of success, to share our ambitious dreams and help each other make them a reality.

After all, our most valuable assets, as a growing nation, have always been our individual and collective imaginations. Because this isn’t just about business. It’s about people. What they do. How they do it. How they rise above all the mounting hurdles.

We, the people of Pakistan, resolve to move forward by honoring yesterday. We are limited.

Our Mission

To bring knowledge and experience from different industries on one platform and spark untold riches.

Advertising. Business. Technology. Whatever language you speak, our aim is to translate your story, address the questions that no one has asked and share the answers with those who think big. We aim to fill the information gap in the each industry, and celebrate the figures that never make it to the spotlight, so we can draw on everyone’s experiences and perspectives to create something of our own.

Our Vision

To bring your dreams to life, no matter what shape they come in.

We celebrate those who have a driven purpose; who aim to make history instead of following pre-defined arcs; who want to stand out and pave their own path rather than follow the formula of routinized men.

After all, Living the Dream is not defined by whether you have become a success story yet – but rather the process of learning the craft itself and the effort of your pursuits.

Live the dream.

to learn

to mean something

to change

to tell

– that inspires

– that keeps you going 

– that redefines what’s possible

– that comes true